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In choosing a company for billing, accounts receivable management and office automation, it is important that you find a partner who provides unsurpassed customer support and timely product enhancements. The following provides background about PBM Corp (PBM Advantage™) and the services we offer.

Gregory Hummer M.D. founded PBM Corp., PBM Advantage™, in 1988, with the mission to provide fellow physicians an efficient, effective, and price competitive answer to the complexities of medical office management. Fresh from the experience of starting and operating twelve ambulatory care centers (MED Centers) in Ohio and California, Dr. Hummer combined his business acumen and medical practice experience to develop a software/hardware tool unique in the marketplace.

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In contrast to the hundreds of PC-based medical office software solutions, PBM Advantage™ operates a "shared on-line network" for its clients, accessing the power of large IBM AS400 computers. PBM Advantage™ clients connect to its network virtually "around the clock" to register patients, post charges, enter payments, schedule appointments and print reports at your site. PBM Advantage™ takes over from there - submitting electronic insurance claims, generating and mailing patient letters and statements, producing operational and management reports. Literally thousands of pieces of paper leave client offices and relieve their staff of the labor-intensive activities of bursting, collating, stuffing, sealing, and stamping all the correspondence produced by any normal medical office.

PBM Advantage™ has the responsibility for all computer operations and software maintenance. Such tasks as nightly data backups, telecommunications to electronic payers, off-site data storage, claim submission software modifications and software updates are no longer daily concerns of your client office staff.

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PBM Advantage™ clients range from the sole practitioner to the large multi-specialty, multi-location practice. Presently, there are over 400 medical providers in Ohio on the PBM Advantage™ network, for which 300,000 monthly claims are sent both electronically and hard copy. This claim volume represents charges in excess of $700,000,000 annually.  

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